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Instrument Verification Tool for Electricians

An industry approved electrician’s verification tool for accuracy comparison against instruments formal calibration values.

A verification unit is a necessary tool required by all tradesman working with electrics both in domestic and commercial environments.

The CalCard verification unit utilises a specific fixed range of resistance values, through which the ongoing accuracy and operation of test instruments between calibration periods can be verified.

This verification process is one of the mandatory requirements for meeting acceptable standards for all tradesman working in electrical environments. In the UK it is deemed one of the requirements to demonstrate “competence” of the tradesman by all inspectorates and the Health and Safety Executive.

What makes the national award winning CalCard the most popular choice with tradesmen and inspectorates is not just its size and affordability, but more importantly the ability to verify both the instrument and probes together.

The CalCard at £35.00 (inc pp) is one of the most affordable pieces of test equipment to meet compliance requirements.

The CalCard

What has made the CalCard the most popular choice for Electricians?

The CalCard satisfies all appointed inspectorates, British and European standards and HSE requirements with regard to instrument continuity and insulation verification; for £35.00 (inc pp)

Reflected in the recommendations from all inspectorates and governing bodies.

TestCal the designers and suppliers have now supplied over 30,000 CalCards to End Users, Suppliers, Distributors, Training and Calibration Companies.

This successful and innovative product when first introduced presented a new radical approach to the then large and expensive “Box” solutions. However after winning three national major electrical awards, followed by ELECSA and NICEIC endorsement with re-badging the CalCard has gained an excellent unchallenged reputation.

Simply search CalCard Forum to read some of the independent reviews.

CalCard Desk

Credit Card Sized

Yes it really is credit card sized but more robust and not as flimsy.

Manufactured in a tough resilient very strong multi-layered glass fibre construction 1.6mm thick. Incorporating a hole for the included key ring.

  • Small enough to be stored with the instrument or even in your wallet.
  • There when you need it.
  • Not lost in a toolbox or van.
  • Built tough for the engineering environment.
  • Integral Keyring for attachment to the instrument?
CalCard in Hand Meter Case CalCard In Wallet

Recessed Contact Pads

Test instrument contact is made through specifically constructed gold plated recessed touch pads.

Other Checkboxes and verification tools incorporate 4mm sockets, these not only limit the range of instrument but also require the removal of the instrument probes and clips to enable testing.

The CalCard works with all instruments and with whatever probes are connected to the instrument.

  • Verified measurements include the instrument probes.
  • Recessed pads enable probe location.
  • Reliable, quick and repeatable.
  • Universal interface for all makes of instrument.
  • CalCard is the only checkbox that verifies the instrument and the probes together.
CalCard in Hand CrocClip Probe Tip

Recording Ongoing Accuracy

An integral part of compliance is that users record their periodical measurements against an identifiable check source. These records then demonstrate to an inspector that users are performing the verification task.

This operation is simplified on the CalCard by the inclusion of an identification serial number and provision of base value recording grid on the rear of the CalCard.

These are then sealed with a protective covering providing an indelible record for inspectorates.

  • Convenience for comparisons.
  • Traceable reference standards.
  • Indelible for inspector’s authentication.
  • Free downloadable record sheets.
    • CalCard Record Sheet (Here)
    • RCD Record Sheet (Here)
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